Meet your technician, Travis.

I have been in the world of audio and video presentation ever since I was 10 years old. Growing up in a small country church with a simple PA system that only needed minor tweaks was a great starting point for a young man to learn and train an ear. As a teen I became one of the lead sound techs for a worship team in a bigger building, and during the week I worked with the IT department at my high school fixing computers and other electronics.

All throughout college I was able to continue to develop as a sound engineer in a live atmosphere for different bands and locations. Afterward I was able to have the opportunity to work for and be trained in the home theater world by one of the largest and most recognizable electronics store in the world. The two years I spent learning to setup and maintain home theaters, smart homes, security systems, and larger concealed sound systems is invaluable.

My goal, as a small and local business, is to provide residents and other small businesses/organizations the opportunity to have high quality service at a much more affordable cost.